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Charter Flights Aviation cost and fleet details Helicopter Air Charter Private Jet cost and Business Jets (Corona Virus and Delta+ time)

  • helicopter in Kochi
    cost starts@$18/MIN

    Helicopter single engine
    seat 3 Bags 30Kg Speed 246.K/H 1000ft
    Flying Range 258Km

    Pilatus pc 12 terbo pops flights in Kochi
    cost starts@$17/MIN

    Pilatus Pc seat 6
    Bags-60 Kg
    Speed 500.K/H 27000ft
    Flying Range 2804Km

    private jets cost Citation jet in Kochi
    cost starts @$47/MIN

    Citation jet seat 8
    bags 160Kg
    Speed 746.K/H 45000ft
    Flying Range 5956Km

    Falcon business jet in Kochi
    cost starts @$72/MIN

    Falcon B jet seat 9
    bags 200 Kg
    Speed 953.K/H 42000ft
    Flying Range 11019km

    Twine Engine Helicopters in Kochi
    cost starts @$35/Min

    Helicopters Twine Engine seat 5 Bags 50 Kg Speed 259.K/H ft 10000 Flying Range 745Km

    King Air in Kochi charterd flights cost
    cost starts @$14/MIN

    King Air seat 6
    Bags 40Kg
    Speed 515.K/H 27000ft
    Flying Range 3338Km

    private jet Lear jet in Kochi
    cost starts @$45/MIN

    Lear jet seat 7
    Bags 150Kg
    Speed 839K/H 45000ft
    Flying Range 4478 Km

    Gulfstream private jets in Kochi
    cost starts @$99/MIN

    Gulf stream seat 14
    Bag 250Kg
    Speed 982.K/H 41000ft
    Flying Range 12960 km

  • Global - privat jet in Kochi chartered flights aviation
    cost starts @$136/MIN

    Global jet seat 14
    Bags 300kg
    Speed 950.K/H 45000ft
    Flying Range 11390Km

    Avanti flights in Kochi chartered flight
    cost starts @$36/MIN

    Avanti II seat 7
    Bag 150.Kg
    Speed 741.K/H 32000FT
    Flying Range 2795Km

    Hawker jet- private jet in Kochi Charter Flights Aviation
    cost starts @$52/MIN

    Hawker jet seat 7
    Bag 150.Kg
    Speed 830 K/H 45000FT
    Flying Range 15213Km

    Bombardier - business jet in Kochi charter flights Charter Flights Aviation
    cost starts @$97/MIN

    Bombardier seat 14
    Bag 300Kg
    Speed 830K/H 45000FT
    Flying Range 6500km

    Challenger - business jet in Kochi Charter Flights Aviation
    cost starts @$106/MIN

    Challenger jet seat 14
    Bag 300Kg
    Speed 982.K/H 35-45000FT
    flying range 2358Km

    Premier 1a private jet in Kochi Charter Flights Aviation
    cost starts @$37/MIN

    Premier 1 a jet seat 5
    Bag 100Kg
    Speed 982.K/H 27-35000FT
    flying range 2648Km

    private jet Embraer Legacy in Kochi- Charter Flights Aviation
    cost starts @$490/MIN

    LEGACY B jet seat 11
    Bag 220Kg
    Speed 982.K/H 35-52000 ft
    flying range 12960km

    Boeing Business Jets in Kochi - Charter Flights Aviation
    cost starts @$162/MIN

    Boeing B Jets seat 19
    Bag 500.Kg
    Speed 982.K/H 27-41000fT
    flying Range 10500km

Just We Loved - Charter Flights Aviation Exclusive Fleets

Charter flights aviation has the world wide fleets of air charter private jet ,need of us , including the helicopter , charter air , business jet and Sea plain with affordable costing from any point of world , there excellent services was speechless , the world best that one and only Charter Flights Aviation, luxury and convenience of flying where ever we wish , lets be the hero.
Private Jet Cost

helicopter in Kochi

Helicopter(Single & Twine Engine)

charter flights in Kochi

Turboprop(Kingair, Platus, Avanti)

Private Jet in Kochi

Jet(Business & Private Jet)


Seaplane(Wings Over H2O)

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Did You Know? charter flights Aviation services

Our Air services surely desind to meet your needs on sky. Plan your travel needs for your life with our best air services with Charter flights aviation. Take a minute to look through our awesome Air charter services!!

air charter service in Kochi

Air charter service

Book air charter service aircraft, private jet, etc. Join the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and convenience of flying across the world of air charter services of private jet rental. any need of air charter by flights we are best for you.

private jet in Kochi

Private jet

Join the private jet services from 4-32 seater private jets. A wide range of small to private business jets with low-cost options finds our more. Access the worldwide at any time, without any hassle and comforts of private jets.

Helicopter in Kochi


Charter flights aviation also provides helicopter, single-engine and twin-engine which can fly a short distance and higher level of access at a minimal time with lo-cost helicopter price. like bell 429, ah 64 apache, aw139, bell 412.

International Air Charter Serivce from Kochi

International Air Charter

We at Charter flights Aviation, one of the largest International Air Charter services provider; we will work for you all 24 hours a day. Flying for the needs of international air carter and private jets.

Charter Plane Service in Kochi

Charter Plane Service

A charter plane is ready to fly as you needs of you there are several types of charter flights. Like light jet , medium jet, and business jet , charter flights aviation is the best to provide charter plane, for the need of all.

Private jet cost

Best Private jet cost Guaranteed

Charter flights aviation makes a low-cost private jet / charter flights to our entire customer, our cheap cost charter flights star from $17 on words private jet starts from $45, cheap helicopter services from $18.

air ambulance Kochi

Low cost Air Ambulance Service

At CFA one of the major life saving services which we providing is Air ambulance services for everyone it is also know as Air medical flighats and helicopter wit icu faclitys

Air Charter services Kochi

Air charter Travel Cost or Travel Price

Charter flight aviation cost, cost of charter flight? Every second is precious for us,at the same time we have the soil responsibility.

charter flights News

covid 19 Delta+ updates 10 Reasons why only fly in Charter Flights Aviation – private jet Business jets in Coronavirus time.

26 June 2021, Charter Flights Aviation

  • 1. Expected 75% Covid-19 and Delta+ transmitted by commercial air travelers with flying large group.
  • 2. Almost all countries accept Charter Flights Aviation Flights most safe way of air travel on covid time where has commercial flights baned
  • 3. Lees documentation and security checking to compare the commercial flights, and fly your style safely and your time you deserve it.
  • 4. Flying private jet with people you know. gives fun and Family Time, customize seating and bed, as you deserve
  • 5. Reduce contamination of people you know and safe to fly business jets
  • 6. Flying in charter flights aviation, private jets are the best option to travel with less contamination
  • 7. Small group 4-30 seater flights used for this (contamination from a large group, can be avoided)
  • 8. the Best practice of fumigation happens on flights. operated by special permission – on air fewer flying routes
  • 9. using vvip gates for travels, using a unique gate in all airport avoid the other passenger and our passenger give more care on covid and delta+ time
  • 10. Apart from charter flights aviation most of the commercial airline to worldwide international banned due to covid-19and Delta+ time
  • Read More @ CHARETR FLIGHST AVIATION Read More @ twiiter Read More @ forbes Read More @ Business Insider List of country open the international operations Read More @ Press ICAO Read More @