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Air ambulance helicopters are used to transport patients between hospitals and from trauma scenes that type of helicopters are known as Air ambulance helicopters. Our first Air Ambulance air medical service began in 2002. Helicopters are used to transport patients.T he main role of the air ambulance is to transports injured or sick people in a medical emergency or over distances. Time is very crucial in the field of a medical emergency. Air ambulance takes the patient as early as possible to the nearest hospital. Like ground ambulance, the air ambulance is also equipped with medical equipment. A medical staffed and equipped air ambulance provides medical care in flight also. The main and most important advantage of an air ambulance is it helps to reduce the travel time. The main uses of Air ambulance helicopters are to transport patients to the hospitals, organs transportation or any medical emergency by flights or helicopters. Air ambulance helicopter can land many hospitals or nearest places, this can be added as benefits of air ambulance helicopter.

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Every, Air ambulance Helicopters have such facilities like a Medical team, Ventilator support, Cardiac monitor, Syringe pump, Oxygen, Emergency medicine, Defibrillators, Infusion pumps, Spineboard, Stretchers, and other special requirements. Mostly Medical helicopter companies use different air ambulance helicopter types (single engine & twine engine). They move patients over long distance and for repatriation from foreign countries. These two helicopters types are the best for the air ambulance. In these helicopters, a higher level of care is provided by the doctors during interfaculty transport from the home to hospital care centers.

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Several Helicopters Air ambulance companies are present nowadays but charter flights aviation providing the best air ambulance in terms of cost and quality of services which definitely save lives, often in dramatic circumstances, have consistently raised their rates and aggressively. So, always confirm about the Air ambulance helicopter cost by reaching us. The modern Air ambulance comprises of latest technological equipment so that patients can be given emergency services even before reaching the nearest hospital. The air ambulance fair is very cheap compared to any other companies according to the distance they need to travel from patients place to the hospital and according to the patient’s condition, that what are the necessary equipment is required for the patient according to the treatment. Charter flights aviation offer best Air ambulance helicopter services on a fee-for-service basis. Such services may focus on critical care patient transport. Charter flights aviation has to provide the low-cost Air ambulance helicopters in meantime. No need to wait anymore. We understand what the emergency is?

Air Ambulance cost and FAQ

How much does air ambulance helicopter cost?

Charter flights aviation offers air ambulance helicopters to transport patients those in need of emergengies.It normally cost $14 per hour.It mostly depends on its flying time.The same amount will be added against every minute.