Twin Engine Helicopters

With more customers asking specifically for flights in twin-engine helicopters,we decided to provide low cost twin engine helicopters to everyone for their air travel.

There are 10 reasons/benifts below why customers prefer twin over single engine helicopters,

  • 1. Safety – two engines are always better than one.
  • 2. Longer distance – you can fly much further before refueling.
  • 3. They are faster.
  • 4. More luxurious.
  • 5. Quieter. Twin-engine helicopters tend to be equipped with better sound-proofing.
  • 6. More experienced pilots.
  • 7. Night flights – ideal for flying into London in the evening.
  • 8. Fly to the continent – Paris is only 90 minutes from London.
  • 9. All weather capability.
  • 10. Fly over built-up areas – get closer to your destination.

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