Dead body transfer by air

Charter Flights Aviation is one of the best dead body transport company and WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU AT EVERY STEP to transport the dead body to anywhere. We are providing dead body transport by air with low cost and less time. Reach us on our hot line number for dead body transport cost at any time. All the doc must be in English /local language will be accepted if transfer only on official sector

What is the procedure to transfer a dead body by air

Only 3 simple procedures
1 Make call our office near to you
2 Send the documents/make the payment
3 Ready to receive the you’re loved once

Dead Body Transportation Services (HUMAN REMAIN)

ID Proof

Original passport / driving license / voter ID card of the deceased person, Issued from the respective authority .

Death certificate

Death certificate from respective hospital or doctor which should contain the cause of death and it should be in a specific format.


Obtain a police and Embassy NOC (No Objection Certificate).

Embalming and Packaging Certificate

Original Embalming and Packaging Certificate that should include deceased’s full name, age, place of death issued by as per Embassy / Passport .

Embalmed and packed

The body should be embalmed and packed in coffin box in a sealed condition to preserve the body from decomposition. Obtain the embalming, coffin certificate from the respective mortuary or any Dead Body Transportation Service providers/ Our agents can help you .

No objection

No objection from Respective consulate./ locale police stations