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Charter Flights Aviation has more than 15,000 aircrafts ambulance with modern ICU facility to handle any emergency situation. We have one of the world best ambulance services with maximum access of airports which include around 43,000 of international and domestic airports and our chopper can access anywhere in the world for low-cost Air ambulance services to any hospitals with less travel.

Available Aircraft:
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1 hr
starts from $14
Worldwide access
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Charter flights aviation can help has different type of air ambulances to help the society in all the needs of rescue mainly it is classifieds into air ambulance helicopter (hems), air ambulance plane, air ambulance flights, air ambulance seaplane, air ambulance jet, air ambulance space shuttle, air ambulance services are mainly used for patients transfer, organs transportations, military aid, and disaster management

"Benefits: Access to remote airfields, or those closest to the treating and receiving hospital. This helps in saving crucial time in extreme situations. Give the patients maximum comfort and minimal stress which is the need of the hour. Dedicated in-flight medical team with modern ICU facility. Organised pick up at destination is guaranteed which makes life simpler for the patient and his/her family."

"The documents that the patient needs to carry are: Patient's medical record Patient's treating hospital/doctor and contact Patients receiving hospital/doctor and contact"

"How much does it cost to book Air Ambulance Aircraft? Charter Flights Aviation final goal is to provide the highest quality medical transport services at the lowest price possible.The pricing is based on the following: It usually cost around $14 per hour based on the available aircraft.It mainly used for patients transfer, organs transportations, military aid, and disaster management. The efficiency of flying this ambulance aircraft results in multiple benefits: Relaxing environment On board communication facilities Provides greater security and flexibility Best to be used for emergency traveling, hence time saving"

We have round the clock operations team across the world with the best medical team. They can assist you for any medical related enquires. Reach us on our hotline number +919910660030