Air Ambulance Navi Mumbai with Flying ICU Charter flights Aviation.

Charter Flights aviation upgrade by bringing modern facilities to air ambulance Navi Mumbai with ICU facilitates transferring patients from and to Navi Mumbai anywhere. With all medical teams with air ambulance flights or air ambulance helicopters. In an emergency to the department of Charter Flight Aviation, on-call will help the needy fully equipped the air ambulance to take off from Navi Mumbai in 15 minutes. We fly at a 986 km/hr speed to save the lives of the people by air ambulance services. The air ambulance Navi Mumbai cost depends on the medical situation, ranging from 14$-490$/ minutes. It depends on the facilities types, specification price, and the multiple fleets used for air ambulance services in Navi Mumbai. Air ambulance Navi Mumbai carries all the air ambulance items like emergency medicines, medical team, Patient Monitor, Oxygen, Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump, etc. As per the medical background and request of the patient or family. Air ambulance is ready to place an action to handle the critical situation in a more effective way. Also, on request, we will provide ECMO and IABP machines for serving the high-class air ambulance facilities to the scope of air ambulance services.
We use both Helipads and airports of Navi Mumbai and International Airport to make your way easy. We most commonly used general aviation terminal or VIP gate for fast access to fleets.
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Air ambulance flights facility in Navi Mumbai Charter Flights aviation

  • 1 Aero Medical Doctors Nurses and technicians
  • 2. Oxygen / Ventilator
  • 3. Defibrillator/ Patient Monitor/ Suction Machine.
  • 4. Infusion Pump/ Syringe Pump/
  • 5. Scoop Stretcher/Vacuum Mattress Stretcher/ Incubator
  • 6. CPAP & BPAP Systems
  • 7. Emergency Medicine
  • 8. on request special machine arranged like
  • 6. IABP Machine/ Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
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Reasons why only fly in Charter Flights Aviation – air ambulance India

  • 1. 24 houses of services world best
  • 2. helicopter/ flights/ and air ambulance jet .
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  • 4. Low cost air ambulance Navi Mumbai options
  • 5. Air ambulance insurance coverage .
  • 6. International mission experts .
  • 7. Since 2009 till date operational .
  • 8. Pay back / EMI options .
  • 9. Banker guaranty accepted .
  • 10. Air Ambulance Navi Mumbai with Flying ICU Longest air ambulance operator of world
Use the EMI option. We are available to help you with 24/7 hours. If you are searching the way to bear an air ambulance, cost to save a life. Don’t worry about the air ambulance payment. Choose the option to select EMI. We give your choice to decide the EMI amount per month, which doesn’t hamper your necessary monthly expenses.

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