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Air Ambulance Helicopters

The most obvious advantages of Air ambulance Helicopter is reducing the your travel time are more access to pin points so it will be  very helpful to consume the time during the emergency time. Air ambulance helicopter can land many hospitals or nearest places , this can be added as  benefits of air ambulance helicopter .
At CFA on of the life saving services is nothing but it is only the best air ambulance helicopter services with low cost .This low price air ambulance services consist of well trained medical team. They are eligible to perform prehospital care at any point of time, it will increase the survival also can be maintain the time travel to reach the healthcare centre.

We can ensure that our air ambulance helicopter fully equipped with modern ICU facilities, which is well suited for assessing the high-level advanced life support care.
Advantages of ICU equipped Air Ambulance Helicopter:
Survival improvements
Avoiding the risks associated with Airport.
Mortality reduction
Improved myocardial salvage
Less time to reach health care centers or hospitals
Minimization of out-of-Hospital time.
Direct transportation to specialized centre
advanced level of prehospital care
Improved access to any pin points

As compared with ground-tranported cardiac patients, those transported by air ambulnce had a 2 day decrease in hospital length of stay due to improved myocardial Salvage.

“CFA focuses more on avoiding loss of life rather than hospital length of stay.”

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